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Peter J. Nygård

DESIGNER Peter J. Nygard

DESIGNER Peter J. Nygard

Nygård has been instrumental in the evolution of the Women’s Fashion Industry in North America, producing various product lines over the past 50 years such as Peter Nygård, Bianca Nygård, ALIA, TanJay, Westbound, Investments, Allison Daley, and, most recently, Nygård SLIMS. Peter Nygård first revolutionized the pant world with his Nygård Moderate Brands, developing an easy fitting bottom with a pull-on design. The Nygård name has continued to expand at an ever-increasing pace. The year 2013 marked the launch of Nygård SLIMS, the most revolutionary product Peter Nygård has ever designed in more than 48 years in the fashion industry.

In developing this one-of-a-kind product , Peter Nygård recognized shape wear was trending and anticipated where the market was headed. Using his extensive background in knits, he created a compression bottom that is the best fit in the industry, and available at an outstanding price point. Nygård SLIMS are the first of its kind in the world. They are a combination of pants and a compression garment. Instead of having another set of shape wear garments, Nygård SLIMS provides all of the desirable assets built into one product that is like no other. The Ponte Knit material used in SLIMS is machine washable, incredibly comfortable, breathable and holds its shape.

Nygård SLIMS patented SLIMcurve Technology™ lifts, shapes and sculpts your figure. Nygård SLIMS are a revolutionary garment that makes you look one size smaller and elongates the leg by two to five inches. The fashionably high waist flattens the tummy and eliminates muffin top. The SLIMcurve Technology™ shapes and refines what you already have, leaving you with a more confident, slender, hourglass figure. SLIMS enhance your lower body, making you feel one size smaller. The hip and thigh compression erases any dimples and imperfections making you smooth throughout. SLIMcurve Technology™ also sculpts your bottom and shapes your curves, eliminating saddle bags.

With more than 200 available styles, there is a Nygård SLIMS out there for every woman to fall in love with. Choose between a covered 2.5-inch, exposed 3.5-inch, or hidden 4.0-inch waistband. The Nygård SLIMS INDIGO, launched in 2014, is the most comfortable compression jean in the world, and will replace all of your ill-fitting denim. SLIMS silhouettes include the legging, jegging, ankle, skinny, straight, boot cut, flare, capri and short.

In just a few years, SLIMS has had tremendous success selling to women across the globe. In North America, Nygård SLIMS are available in all major department stores. A recently launched partnership with Sears Canada has seen more than 50 SLIMS Mega Shops open across the country, in addition to the 35 Nygård stores that also carry SLIMS nationally. In 2015, Nygård SLIMS went global and is now being sold in the following countries: Canada, USA, France, England, Italy, Germany and Australia.

Nygård SLIMS has forever changed the women's fashion industry, as they are now a staple in millions of wardrobes across the globe. When you try on Nygård SLIMS you will fee beautiful, you will look beautiful and they will make you feel SLIM!